About us

GhostBook was established in early 2011 as an application development company. We were created to provide a safe and secure cloud based environment to host contact information. Our goal is to make sure you never lose an important contact again. Ghostbook was designed as a cross carrier and cross platform solution so if you choose to change phones or phone companies your information is still secure and easily accessible. If you lose, break, upgrade, or have your phone stolen GhostBook is accessible from almost any device, anywhere. We are currently a registered developer on the Apple, Android, and Blackberry Markets and will be a registered developer on the Microsoft Market in 2012.

CEO/Drew Cable- Drew Cable has an extensive 10 year background in both Sales and Management. He started his career selling for Best Buy for Business and Hewlett Packard's Public Sector division. His most recent positions are Sales Manager for Skype where he was integral in huge revenue growth in 9 months and as a Sales Manager for GoogleAdwords. Both of these positions have gained him a wealth of experience in Sales, Management, and Marketing for online Companies and Products.

COO/Eric Walowitz- Eric's previous experience as an Adwords Specialist and Chapter Advisor to Theta Chi is integral to GhostBook's success. He is able to use his experience in online advertising and his decade long relationships with greek life to advertise and market to the masses. He has also retained great relationships through his previous career in real estate in Illinois and Arizona.

CMO/Jason Baker- Jason is currently the owner of Lionshare consulting. Jason has done event planning and promoting in the Southwest for the past 10 years. He has built a network of promoters/influencers in major cities around the country.