Keep your contacts safe

Safe from prying eyes, safe because it's your own personal business. Safe in case you lose your phone. Perfect for business professionals, assistants or anybody who would prefer that no one else see their contact list, EVER. GhostBook is secure and well hidden. Your secrets are safe with us.

Our demographics include very socially active people and business professionals, perfect to advertise your product or service.

Secure Your Contacts with GhostBook


Every smartphone these days has a contacts list. Great when you have your phone, disaster if you lose it or someone gets their hands on it. With GhostBook, you get a secure separate phonebook with easy to use functionality to move contacts from your existing phonebook into GhostBook. GhostBook is so secure, curious onlookers will never even see you launch the app as even the process of launching is secure and hidden.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.